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The Art Value is challenging the concept of value through money and art. First, we give opportunity to everyone acquire beloved Numbers and then turn Numbers into art. We all live digital lives and every day are surrounded by many numbers. Numerical values and meanings of numbers follow us via tweets, social media accounts, likes and followers. We get empowered by Numbers!

Please read more about the project in the Art Value white paper.


Distributed applications over blockchain technology or “Dapps” have recently emerged as an innovative area with respect to privacy and security. This project is grounded in the field of ArtTech where we are investigating a more general ownership of digital assets in the digital milieu as well as with legitimizing digital and physical artwork online and through the blockchain. Our solution is bringing the best experiences in this world together by constructing a platform for auctioneers and gallerists to augment and evolve their interests.

Art Value project

ART VALUE is an enduring art project since 2009, consisting of performances, exhibitions, installations, interventions, artwork production, critical designs, evocative experiences, network building, and interactions.

We bring meaning to numbers, of its daily redundancy and meaningfulness in instrumental and monetary values to importance in personal numbers that become personal artworks. With the Art-Value! The Number Matters!

Art Value: Auction

The project “Art Value: Auction” is part of the larger “Art Value” project and is a series of art auctions where the viewer is encouraged to rethink the notion of the “artwork as a commodity”. The project consists of creating a real art auction situation in which the buyer (bidder, art collector, patron) of the artwork becomes a co-author of the work. 

In the performance the content is produced by the audience, the price paid for the finalized artwork is imprinted (manifested as a printed receipt by a mechanical calculator or a stamp) on a paper and sold to the owner. From the start, there is no artwork produced, so the bidding process happens preemptively. After the completion of the all procedures: bidding, winning, selling, producing an artwork, the Certificate is provided to ensure the authenticity of the artwork.


ART VALUE office in the main campus of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

ART VALUE / KTH Innovation
Teknikringen 1
KTH Campus
100 44 Stockholm