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Art Value Pavilion

The Art Value pavilion is an exhibition space with NFT artworks and installations. This space give our art collectors, owners of Art Value NFT numbers, and community members to exhibit their artworks globally. Those pavilions are planned to be built in various locations and for various occasions, they could appear in London, New York or Dubai to expose NFT culture through the Art Value NFTs.

The major experience unrolls in the Venice Art Biennale edition of Art Value Pavilion via a production bar stand, performance stage and with multiple screens. The tangible artworks are produced in the pavilion’s workshop. The digital interactions unfold in the immersive environment for participants engaged in creation and acquisition of Numbers.

Physical NFT art pavilions around the world, in such events as Venice Art Biennale, provides additional values to our ValueVerse community! Owners of Art Value NFTs will get free entrance and Livestream. The NFTs owned by our community members will be exhibited and gain extra value through exhibiting in major art contexts like galleries, museums, art fairs and online venues.

Credits: Art Value and AEXN Architects.