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Art Value project

Art Value concept is based on the research and art of dr. Vegas Simbelis, under the artist name Das Vegas. Situated in the ArtTech field, where art and science combine, we bring blockchain technology with an ecosystem of apps and websites to support the artistic process. We cover the full lifecycle of the artistic process, from generating artworks, sales, and authentication of artworks via blockchain.

In the art world, there is a constant need for new expressions and the production of new art forms. We deliver a unique and innovative way of artistry: “Numbers as Art”. In the Art Value, the user generates authentic digital artworks which are proven by the blockchain technology. We developed new experiences and provide evocative ways to generate and trade art on our platform via web and mobile.

Here at the, we focus on the recent digital – the app – part of the project where we welcome you to generate, distribute and trade artworks of tomorrow. Please come back here soon and find the generative tools ready for your exploration and extension of your art collection.

ART_VALUE is an enduring art project by Das Vegas since 2009, consisting of performances, exhibitions, installations, interventions, artwork production, critical designs, evocative experiences, and interactions. It takes precedence in a variety of hybrid activities, but also elaborates on the post-digital condition involving hybridization of forms and formats, converging the digital and analog, manifesting in formalist and conceptual.

The Art Value project started in 2017 when crypto hype boomed and the blockchain technology utilizing NFTs (non fungible tokens) was introduced. The natural synthesis with the smart contracts and distributed network technology turned the artistic expression to become a digital product. It all started by conducting workshops together with the researchers from the KTH- Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and RISE- Research Institutes of Sweden and designing the product, by now it ended up at the KTH Innovation – a hub for creative minds.

Art Value: Auction

Art_Value: Auction. The project “Art_Value: Auction” is one part of the larger “Art_Value” project and is a series of art auctions where the viewer together with the rest of the audience generates the artwork, acquires it and expands its own art collection.

The overarching concept of the project “the price of the artwork is an artwork” is embodied. The numbers become artwork’s price and content. With the Art_Value the Numbers Matter!

Dada, FLUXUS and Conceptual Art inspired project where the price becomes content of the artwork. This project has been shown in various artistic expressions. The artistic basis for this project has been tested in various art exhibitions like Manifesta – European Contemporary Art Biennial, art fairs, galleries, and other important art occasions.