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The System

We are developing our own crypto platform which is still under construction and soon will be launched. Now we use OpenSea platform (Art Value collection on OpenSea) to sell and trade our NFT tokens.

The Art Value platform is an innovative art marketplace, which is built to provide the best user experience for art lovers and that the art will get created, generated, distributed and traded. Functionalities of online auction, gallery, calendar and connection to blockchain features are implemented. The unique auction experience is spread over several auctions, the unique generative auction is of original value to the generation of Numbers, traditional auction is for secondary market sales and a Direct Sales feature is developed for bringing a direct contact between artists and art collectors.

Several types of galleries complement our users with functionalities of viewing and distributing art and Numbers: Showcase, On Auction and On Sale. The gallery includes a detailed single artwork page to augment a particular piece of art with information on provenance, properties, certification, and trading history, which shows traders the market value of each Number and artwork. Support of digital artworks, NFTs, visualizations and virtual environments (procedural tools to create artworks from immersive environments to digital fabrication), as well as physical artworks with the connection between physical and digital assets.

The calendar of events, online events, and auctions is tight to other pages of the platform as auctions and gallery pages. The crypto wallet and authentication are done in a certified way and the user profile page supports the user’s own gallery pieces, participation in auctions, reserved deals, market values, and payments. The payments of the platform are executed through our own ARTS coin, cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. Transactions are secured by the blockchain and smart contract application. The generation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is secured by blockchain. We use ecologically friendly and gas-free Polygon network on Ethereum (how to buy NFTs using crypto wallet on Polygon).

The Art Value project uses blockchain technology and other advanced methods to enhance art collecting and to secure trading and transactions. The system consists of the main Art_Value web DApp, an exclusive mobile application and an informative Wiki page. At this stage, we already have developed the functioning Art Value web DApp (system demo at testing and pre-launch stage), prototypes of mobile app and Wiki page.

For more detail on the platform and the entire system please look at the white paper.