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Art Value Roadmap

We care about Art Value future and willing to secure rewards to our ValueVerse community. Art Value roadmap maps out our goals and strategies of the NFT project in order to communicate its long-term values and rewards to the community. We prove that after you engage in the community and own NFT numbers, later you will receive artworks and games, limited-edition community events and other valuable assets.

– 2022 February giveaway with 30K, 150K, 1M tokens for active participants
– Launch of Generative Auction
– Open call for artists

– Open ArtValue Experience Digital Gallery, a workshop for redesigning numbers as 3D images and objects
– Launch of Art Fund, inviting emerging artists to participate in art production

– Access to our Art Value digital tools to shape and redesign Numbers
– Giveaway high-value tokens and 100K cash for active community members

– VIP events
– Charity to the art world community also to people in need, like ICAF and others.
– Launch of Art Value platform

– Online Art Value exhibitions with NFT art from our ValueVerse community
– Art Value brand and merch, a giveaway to community members

– Open Art Value physical gallery for showing community NFT art 

– Exhibitions in external art galleries, NFT art conferences, and art fairs with free entrance and live stream for community members

– Famous artists are commissioned to create unique art with our NFT tokens

– Physical NFT art pavilions around the world, such as the Art Value Pavilion in Venice Art Biennale, with free entrance and Livestream for community members

– Art Value Metaverse launch
– Art Value and numerical games for an amazing community gaming experience

NFT art value project ARTValue NFTs numbers
Art Value digital gallery displaying NFT numbers of our ValueVerse community.